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Computer Fencing System

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The Computer Fencing System has been the fence industry software standard for over thirty years. In terms of estimating alone, it will increase your productivity ten fold and produce a portfolio of valuable and professional reports. From exact material breakdowns for chain link, vinyl, ornamental steel and aluminum, wood, and welded mesh fencing, to contracts, work orders, shop drawings, gate fabrication and invoices. It can even interface with QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions.

The program continues to evolve to make use of the latest technology. CFS has product modules available for import for many of the major North American manufacturers. Many of them can now provide e-pricing updates for CFS and some can even accept e-orders directly from CFS. We have recently upgraded our Chainlink Shop Drawing program. It now produces images in scalable vector graphics, which enhance the detail considerably and can even be opened in a CAD program. We've recently added auto-drawn cantilever and rolling gates to Shop Drawings.

CFS is used by many of the most successful fencing contractors in North America. The professional reports it produces can make you look like a multi-million dollar company even if you're working out of your truck or at your kitchen table. Your customers will be blown away by your presentations, whether on paper or as PDF documents. It also eliminates mistakes and provides a clear line of communication between sales and installations.

For those of you selling over the counter, CFS has a very effective point of sale system that includes a customizable, illustrated Parts Catalog and an invoicing program we call Cash Register. It has the ability to control inventory internally or provide the breakdowns that other programs need to do inventory.

CFS also comes with the best technical support of any product I know of. When you call our support line, open 45 hours each week, a real, live human being answers the phone to assist you. We also sell it with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

Find more information on CFS here.

or read about our newest features here.

RealScape 3D - Fence Visualization and Photo Imaging

RealScape 3D is an outdoor project modeling program with a strong focus on fence design. You create the project by placing residential and commercial buildings, streets, driveways, paths, trees, shrubs, flowers, forests, and vinyl, ornamental steel, ornamental aluminum, and wood fences onto a two dimensional siteplan. RealScape then renders the siteplan into a robust three dimensional world showing your fence project in a virtual world environment that you have created. You'll be able to show your proposal running up slopes and down gullies, at the edge of the woods, or along a street or sidewalk; just the way projects appear in real life. You can navigate through this world and view the project from any elevation or angle. You can take screen captures from any spot and even produce a multimedia video tour of the project.

RealScape also has Photo Overlay Imaging that enables you to overlay fences and other models onto digital photographs. This is a simple process since perspective is already built into RealScape models. You can switch heights, colors, styles, even types of fence with a click of your mouse and produce multiple visual options in minutes.

Find more information on RealScape 3D here.

CFS Enterprise Edition

In response to requests from our customer base to facilitate the exchange of information between The Computer Fencing System and their other business systems, we have developed the Enterprise Edition of CFS. The Enterprise Edition enables any programmer to access and direct CFS data to other programs.

Two of the primary applications in the Enterprise Edition are called InterOp and XML Export.

InterOp enables you to export data from the CFS Master File into a spreadsheet (CSV format) which can be used to edit the inventory data and import it back into CFS or to populate other databases (for accounting programs, web shopping systems, etc...).

XML Export produces a readily accessible (XML format) file for Scratch Builder and Cash Register output that contains every bit of information we have about that estimate or invoice. This wealth of information can be accessed by any programmer and sent directly to other programs.

Custom Applications (Apps) can be built using the data from XML Export and launched within the normal workflow of CFS. We have included several example Apps in this release.

We have also added Command Line functionality to InterOp, Update Master File and Data Miner to automatically fire up whatever functions you create.

Find more information on the Enterprise Edition here.

Using Software to Manage your Business
Industry-specific software should do those things that are unique to an industry. The fence business is diverse and varied. Single manufacturers and wholesalers often market 50,000 items or more. Dealing with this vast, sometimes interchangeable network of parts can be complicated. When dealing with such a large and assorted inventory, keeping track of exact quantities of items is essential. In the fence business this requires exact breakdowns of material and knowledge of costs and profit.   Read full article:   Using Software to Manage your Fence Company.

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SEO / SEM / Web Analytics For the Fence Industry.


Computer Fencing System (CFS) Demo

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Watch the Computer Fencing System in action! Hundreds of fence companies have saved thousands of hours of work every year with CFS. You should be one of them. Youíll be amazed at how fast, easy, and accurate estimating can be, CFS can increase your estimating productivity tenfold. Contracts, Shop Drawings, Materials Lists, Computer Generated Job Sketches and a wealth of other reports, all with your company logo, are at your fingertips. CFS will make you look like the professional company that you are. So sit back and listen as we take you on a tour of CFS.


Learning Center

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Come explore our new Multimedia Learning Center where we offer video tutorials designed to benefit both new and existing customers. The instructional text and videos will help new customers to familiarize themselves with the program quickly and seasoned customers to learn new features and techniques to maximize their productivity. The Multimedia Training Center is the latest addition to our world class technical support service and is available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Easy to Use

The Computer Fencing System (CFS) reduces the level of expertise needed to accurately breakdown / estimate fence materials. CFS is so easy to use that even a novice fencer will feel comfortable on their very first estimate.

Material Breakdowns
Shop Drawings
Parts Catalog
Job Schedule

There comes a time when you can't work any harder... Then it's time to begin working smarter.

Increase Productivity

As a small businessman your most valuable asset is your time and the time of your employees. Computer Fencing System (CFS) will increase estimating productivity exponentially, eliminate mistakes, and produce a wide array of impressive sales aids and reports.

Fence Estimating

More Experience - Better Technology

Software Design Associates has led the fence software industry for over 25 years. We continue to innovate. In just the past few years we have introduced the revolutionary job input module QwikDraw, mobile workstation sycronization, visual fabrication for vinyl and ornamental fence, chainlink shop drawings produced with an estimate, interfaced with CMM and SSD computerized CNC routers, added barcode capabilites, interfaced with Google Maps, released our own built in PDF writer, and have integrated with several accounting systems.
PDF Writer
Visual Fabrication
Mobile Syncronization
Link to Google Maps
Interface with CNC computerized routers
Accounting Integrations

Over 1600 fence contractors, fence manufacturers, and fence wholesalers.
Over 1600 fence software customers
throughout North America.


Software Design currently has over 1600 fence contractor customers worldwide and has direct working relationships with dozens of the leading fence manufacturers and wholesalers in the fence industry.


We are moving forward at an accelerating pace employing the latest innovative technology in fence software. We pioneered the use of handwriting recognition with our QwikDraw program for Windows XP Tablet edition, provided secure interaction between our programs and on line databases,and introduced new interfaces with Google maps, satellite photos and GPS locations. In our latest version we have added QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Editions integrations, added bar code capabilities, developed a Synchronization Utility to Ďsyncí mobile computers returning to their home network and incorporated a PDF Writer into CFS enabling our customers to preview and produce e-mailable documents right out of CFS without having to purchase any other program. We are committed to moving forward and bringing the fence industry the best that technology has to offer. We take pride in providing the best fence software on the market.

Unique Fence Tools

CFS will increase your estimating productivity ten fold, eliminate mistakes and produce an impressive proposal package including Contracts, Spec Sheets and Shop Drawings. It will free up your time and that of your key employees for more profitable pursuits. You will get a firm handle on your costs, margins, and inventory. CFS will produce sharp, clear, professional reports for both your customers and employees and help to sell at higher margins. In addition to exact estimates in seconds, you will get your own color Parts Catalog, Price Lists, Invoicing, Inventory Control, and computer generated Specification Sheets, Shop Drawings, and Job Sketches. Using CFS is so simple to use youíll learn to estimate in minutes and save hours of work every week. All you need to know is how to measure a fenceline. If you need help we provide live, toll free telephone technical support that is available 45 hours each week.

Business Management

There is no better, faster, more versatile, more comprehensive, or more accurate way to manage a fence company and organize your business. The Computer Fencing System has established itself as the fence industry software standard. Isnít your business too important for anything less? Donít let another year slip by without the most powerful tool in the fence industry.

The best fence software in the fencing industry.
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