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Fence Shop Drawings

  • Produces Chainlink Drawings - Line of Fence, Single gates, Double Gates
  • Specifications Printed on Shop Drawings
  • High Quality, Scalable Images
  • Generate Drawings in Multiple Formats
  • Edit Drawings in a Variety of Programs
  • Produce Drawings Right in Chainlink Scratch Builder

Chainlink Shop Drawing

Shop Drawing Examples
  Single Gate
  Double Gate
  Line of Fence
Early in 2013 we introduced a new generation of our Chainlink Shop Drawing program as part of CFS Version 12. Of course Shop Drawing can still generate billions of different chainlink fence configurations on command but the quality of Chainlink Shop Drawings has taken a quantum leap forward with this brand new program. Shop Drawing now produces scalable vector graphic (SVG) images. The drawings are infinitely scalable and automatically scale to the optimum size for the document while maintaining the high quality of the image. SVG can easily be converted to other formats, it can even be opened in CAD. As you can see from the examples on these pages this program is extremely versatile. It can generate an infinite variety of chainlink line of fence and single and double gate drawings.

Some of the new features include: Detailed specifications of the fence material specs printed right on the drawing; Mesh sizes from 3/8" to 2 3/8"; and Custom heights and separate color options for both fence fabric and the framework.

The landscape orientation of the output allows us to display both sides of a double gate on the drawing. It can also generate pictures for non-typical fence heights and gate openings. You can use different sizes of pipe for framing and bracing, set the vertical, horizontal and diagonal bracing parameters, break the braces on the horizontal or vertical, and add single or double truss rod systems. All bracing and trussing options are available per gate or per bay. Independent control over post embedment and concrete depth and diameter for both terminal and line posts enables you to produce drawings exactly the way you build fence without having to edit the drawing. The new program also offers one click razor wire, colored vertical slats that can be arranged into patterns, hedge inserts and expanded latch options. Of course, Shop Drawing can be run right from the reports menu of Chainlink Scratch Builder to automatically generate the applicable drawings needed for the job just estimated, with the specifications printed right on the sheet.

Export Shopdrawings in many formats
  • PDF
  • SVG
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • BMP
The program produces images in SVG, PDF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP file formats. This variety of image formats is so versatile that they can be opened in programs from Paint to CAD. Tools are provided in the user interface to print, export, open or edit your shop drawing in PDF, Windows Photo Viewer, Paint, Inkscape or in your default graphics program.

Inkscape is a free, open source vector graphics program that will be installed as part of CFS Version 12. It is a very powerful graphics customization tool in its own right. You can find more information about Inkscape on their website at www.inkscape.org.

The original Chainlink Shop Drawing program will continue to be available so you will be able to retrieve the your old custom drawings and generate and edit them the way you always have. The new Chainlink Shop Drawing program requires absolutely no setup and works right out of the box. The Vinyl and Ornamental fabricator programs are capable of generating shop and fabrication drawings for every style you design but for now they will only open in the original Shop Drawing program. Pictures Sell.

The ability to produce quick and accurate shop drawings is invaluable when drawings are required as part of a contract. Everyone loves pictures, not just architects and engineers. The impact of providing detailed drawings of your products to your prospective customers will amaze you. As you know, in this business there is always someone willing to do it cheaper. Professional quality drawings will help you to sell more profitable jobs.

You have heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Nowhere is that more true than in a sales presentation. Leave the customer with just a price and you’re just like every other fence guy in town - competing on price. Provide them with some professional drawings of your proposal and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

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