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2020 has been a challenging year. We have all had to contend with things that none of us even conceived of at this time last year.

We have been lucky in our industry, especially compared to our friends in other businesses like restaurants and retail. Consumers have focused closer to hearth and home this year and the need for security has increased. Both are good things for the fence business. 2021 looks like more of the same on the horizon.

At CFS, we have been working to develop new and exciting features that will help you to land the most profitable jobs and stay ahead of your competition.

CFS V21 has expanded estimating and shop drawing capabilities, along with new report options and enhanced Fence3D features.

Continue reading to learn about our latest advances to the CFS program!
CFS Version 21 provides the following updates and new options for users:
Bendable Rails in Vinyl Shop Drawings
Expanded Chainlink Shop Drawing Functionality
New Colors & Textures in Fence3D
Double Rolling and Cantilever Gates in Chainlink and Ornamental Scratch Builder
New DocForge Reports
Ag Fence Starter Module
Renew QwikDraw and MapDraw
Renew Free Live Tech Support

to Version 21 Today!

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Fence3D was a popular addition to CFS Version 20, yet many of our customers don’t realize it is a web app. You can use it internally, but you can also post a link to it on your website for your customers to use. The images that they create and download are available to you and branded with your logo. The public can share these images on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms to put your logo out there among their friends and family. Free advertising is the best advertising! 

This year, we have colorized the 125 fence styles in Fence3D. You can now choose between 12 vinyl colors, 8 vinyl textures, 8 ornamental colors, and 8 wood colors, making these realistic renderings even more dramatic!
Fence3D Photo Gallery

Bendable Rails for Vinyl Shop Drawings

Bending rails for vinyl fence is an art that makes for some fantastic fence and gate designs. Now your customers can see exactly how a custom vinyl project will look before fabrication. Good pictures sell good jobs!

The CFS Vinyl Shop Drawing program can now bend top and middle rails for arched, scalloped, estate, and inverse estate fence panels, single and double gates, and transition section panels. It can even produce cut lists for all of them. There are simple arches and scallops but also complex multi-bend rails that can be created, using Bézier curves. There is a Bézier curve controller built into the application, which gives you complete control over your estate curve design. 

The Shop Drawing program now even handles curved accent pickets in addition to curved rails to create new and unique designs.

These CAD quality drawings will impress even your most demanding customers.

social distancing

MapDraw in CFS V21 and our GeoDraw Web App are the perfect social distancing tools for a fence company. You can test drive GeoDraw at: or just Google GeoDraw. You can open leads from GeoDraw in the CFS Map Draw program to get exact breakdowns instantly. 

When COVID lockdowns were at their worst, we saw many companies marketing "contactless quotes" via GeoDraw and MapDraw, continuing to do business while helping customers feel comfortable.

expanded chainlink shop drawings

You asked and we delivered! 

All chainlink gates can now be drawn without latches to accommodate for automatic gate access control. Chainlink swing gates can be drawn with multiple horizontal and vertical braces, and the diagonal brace on chainlink lines of fence (without top-rail) can be adjusted to help you meet submittal requirements for government projects.

Other New Features for CFS V21

shop drawings

• More than 2 hinges available on PVC and Ornamental Gates
• Added multiple Horizontal and Vertical braces to Chainlink Swing Gates
• New option for No Latch on all Chainlink Gates
• Made the location of the Diagonal Brace variable when used at the top of the Chainlink Line of Fence
• Made Shop Drawing compatible with the latest version of Inkscape 1.0

Chainlink and Ornamental Scratch Builder

• Added a 'None' Option for Single and Rolling Chainlink Gate Latches
• Added Double Rolling and Cantilever Gates

AG Fence Module

• An Import Module of Ag Fence Products
• Sample Assemblies Used to Estimate Agricultural Fence

Double Rolling &
double Cantilever Gates

You can now enter double cantilever gates and double rolling gates in QwikDraw, MapDraw and QwikBid. Both kinds of double slide gates are now available for estimating in Chainlink Scratch Builder and Ornamental Scratch Builder. 

These double gates include all of the same features you have come to expect from CFS including detailed Gate Cut Sheets and Shop Drawings.

New Reports for Version 21

We have some attractive new reports available on all of the reports menus, designed in a more contemporary format than our traditional CFS documents. These new reports include an Itemized Estimate, Double Image Contract, Project Completion Form, and a variation of the DocForge contracts which includes the customer's phone number. Itemized estimates can be printed with or without the job sketch and also have a totals only option.

Satellite image job layouts and CAD quality shop drawings can be impressive on a contract. The new double image contract gives you room for both.

We can also add custom documents to CFS for you (using a tool we developed called DocForge). Send us your custom documents that you would like auto filled by CFS and we will check them for feasibility and put together a quote for adding them to CFS. Do yourself, your company, your employees and your customers a favor and order the CFS Version 21 upgrade today.

Updated product modules for 2021

We have updated product masters for Bufftech, Alumi-Guard, ActiveYards, Ultra Aluminum, and Digger Specialties in 2020. We will have more updates in 2021. We have many other current product masters for fence manufacturers and most of them can supply you with pricing. Call us for details.

GeoDraw is a Lead Collection / Lead Qualification App for a Fence Company Website

It is Easy to Use
It Facilitates Social Distancing
It Is Easy to Set Up
You Will Harvest the Best Leads
You Can Open GeoDraw Jobs in CFS MapDraw

The Lead Capture
Tool For Our Times

No license to buy. No contract to sign.
and it is only $99.00 per month

Test Drive GeoDraw today at

Renew Your Free Live Tech Support

Most of you will agree that we offer the best tech support you have ever experienced. We offer unlimited toll free telephone support for 45 hours a week with our Montana based, knowledgeable and helpful support staff for customers on the current version of CFS. We will continue to provide live, toll free telephone tech support, free on line backup and remote desktop support
for Computer Fencing System Version 20 customers until March 15th, 2021. The charge for support after that date for customers not on the current version will be $3.00 per minute, with a minimum charge of $15.00 per call. Access to this very popular resource alone is worth the cost of the upgrade.
Renew QwikDraw & Mapdraw
QwikDraw and MapDraw are two powerful tools for estimating fences. QwikDraw can combine up to seven heights, styles or types of fence into a single estimate. MapDraw can call up a map or satellite view of a property and enable you to layout a fence on site without being there. MapDraw is also an excellent tool to connect with potential customers at home shows, while on the phone, or, with internet access, when in their home.
Upgrading to CFS Version 21 will renew QwikDraw and MapDraw until 2022.
CFS Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise Edition consists of two major applications that import data into and out of CFS. The first, which we call InterOp, is a program to export items from the CFS Master File into Excel or any other spreadsheet program, where
changes can be made and then imported back into the CFS Master File.
The second application, called XML Export, creates an open format XML file of Scratch Builder estimates and Cash Register invoices that contain every bit of information that CFS knows about that estimate or invoice. This data can be readily accessed by any programmer and exported to other applications.
Call us for more information about the CFS Enterprise Edition.
CFS to Quickbooks Interface
CFS and QuickBooks working together make a powerful tool. Our time tested QuickBooks interface means CFS estimates can populate QuickBooks’ Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders or Invoices with just a few keystrokes.
A more detailed explanation of features and a video demonstration of the interface can be found on our CFS to QB webpage.
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