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CFS Version 22 provides the following updates and new options for users:
Wood Shop Drawings
Create your own pricing files.
New DocForge Reports
Updated Product Modules
Renew QwikDraw and MapDraw.
Renew Free Live Tech Support.

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wood shop drawings

This year we have created a new, comprehensive wood shop drawing program to add one more tool to your fence-selling tool belt. Our new wood shop drawing program features vertical and horizontal boards, alternating picket patterns, trim options, board orientation adjustments, and even lattice/trim combinations. 
This new wood shop drawing program will enable CFS users to generate CAD quality wood shop drawings for multiple styles within minutes, along with detailed material cut lists and customizable specifications. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we will let the shop drawings speak for themselves!

new reports

We have expanded the DocForge contract document templates available in CFS Version 22. It will include a cleaner small sketch contract with terms and conditions beginning on the second page. We have also added a repair or call back work order that can accommodate multiple images.

We also added a before and after image report, which can be used to document installations or repairs. It can even to help your customer visualize their new fence using models from Fence3D.


We know that pricing has been an enormous burden for many companies this year. With this in mind, we added the ability for CFS users to create their own Excel pricing files.

This pricing file will enable you to modify your prices within Excel, Google Sheets or any spreadsheet program of your choice to quickly reload the changes into CFS.


We have updated product masters for Bufftech, Alumi-Guard, ActiveYards, Digger Specialties, Master Halco Remington and Master Halco Residential Independence. We will have more updates in 2022. We have many other current product masters for fence manufacturers and most of them can supply you with pricing. Call us for details.

Renew Your Free Live Tech Support

Our world class live tech support includes toll free telephone support for 45 hours a week with our Montana based, knowledgeable and helpful support staff for customers on the current version of CFS.  We will continue to provide live, toll free telephone tech support, free on-line backup and remote desktop support for Computer Fencing System Version 22 customers until March 15th, 2022. The charge for support after that date for customers not on the current version will be $3.00 per minute, with a minimum charge of $15.00 per call. Access to this very popular resource alone is worth the cost of the upgrade.

Renew QwikDraw & MapDraw

QwikDraw and MapDraw are two powerful tools for estimating fences. QwikDraw can combine up to seven height styles or types of fence into a single estimate. MapDraw can call up a map or satellite view of a property and enable you to layout a fence on site -- without being there. MapDraw is also an excellent tool to connect with potential customers at home shows or, with internet access, when in their home.
Upgrading to CFS Version 22 will renew QwikDraw and MapDraw for 2022.
CFS Enterprise Edition
Customers have been asking us to make CFS more open and accessible and for the ability to transfer data between CFS and other programs. In response we have developed the CFS Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition consists of two primary applications that import data into and out of CFS. The first, which we call InterOp, is a program to export items from the Master File into Excel or any other spreadsheet program and back into the CFS Master File. The second application, called XML Export, creates an open format XML file of Scratch Builder estimates and Cash Register invoices that contain every bit of information that CFS knows about the estimate or invoice. This data can be readily accessed by any programmer and directed to any other application. In addition to these benefits, Enterprise Edition customers also receive free upgrades to the current version of CFS. The cost is $750 per year, only $255 more than the standard upgrade.
Call us for more information about the CFS Enterprise Edition.
CFS to Quickbooks Interface
Jobs created in CFS transfer directly into an estimate in QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise editions where they can be converted into a Sales Order, Purchase Order, or Invoice. Double entry is eliminated. The QB inventory database can be populated with items from CFS. Costs and Selling Prices can be synchronized between QB and CFS and inventory breakdowns from CFS can be updated in QB. This interface will help you to get the most out of each program.
A more detailed explanation of features and a video demonstration of the interface can be found on our CFS to QB webpage.

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