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Software Design Associates has led the fence software industry for over 25 years. Our company currently has over 1600 fence contractor customers worldwide and has direct working relationships with dozens of the leading fence manufacturers and wholesalers in the fence industry.

Pioneers in the Fencing Industry

We are moving forward at an accelerating pace, employing the latest innovative technology in fence software. We pioneered the use of handwriting recognition with our QwikDraw program for Windows XP Tablet edition, provided secure interaction between our programs and online databases, and introduced new interfaces with Google maps, satellite photos and GPS locations. In our latest version we have added QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Editions integrations, added bar code capabilities, developed a Synchronization Utility to “sync” mobile computers returning to their home network and incorporated a PDF Writer into CFS, enabling our customers to preview and produce e-mailable documents right out of CFS without having to purchase any other program. We are committed to moving forward and bringing the fence industry the best that technology has to offer.
We take pride in providing the best fence software on the market.

Unique Fence Tools

CFS will increase your estimating productivity tenfold, eliminate mistakes and produce an impressive proposal package including Contracts, Spec Sheets and Shop Drawings. It will free up your time and that of your key employees for more profitable pursuits. You will get a firm handle on your costs, margins, and inventory. CFS will produce sharp, clear, professional reports for both your customers and employees and help to sell at higher margins. In addition to exact estimates in seconds, you will get your own color Parts Catalog, Price Lists, Invoicing, Inventory Control, and computer generated Specification Sheets, Shop Drawings, and Job Sketches. Using CFS is so simple to use you’ll learn to estimate in minutes and save hours of work every week. All you need to know is how to measure a fence line. If you need help, we provide live, toll free telephone technical support that is available 45 hours each week.

Business Management

There is no better, faster, more versatile, more comprehensive, or more accurate way to manage a fence company and organize your business. The Computer Fencing System has established itself as the fence industry software standard. Isn’t your business too important for anything less? Don’t let another year slip by without the most powerful tool in the fence industry.
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