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CFS Enterprise Edition

Many customers have asked us to make the Computer Fencing System easier to integrate with their other business systems. In response, we have developed the CFS Enterprise Edition. Now you can have the ability to transfer the wealth of data contained in and produced by CFS into other programs. The Enterprise Edition consists of two major applications that import data into and out of CFS. The first, which we call InterOp, is a program to export items from the Master File into Excel or any other spreadsheet program and back into the CFS Master File. The second application, called XML Export, creates an open format XML file of Scratch Builder estimates and Cash Register invoices that contain every bit of information that CFS knows about the estimate or invoice. This data can be readily accessed by any programmer and directed to any other application.

CFS Enterprise Manual

To view or download the Computer Fencing System Enterprise Edition Manual, click below!

CFS Enterprise Edition Features


InterOp is a tool to export information from CFS into standard spreadsheet (CSV) format. It exports the following CFS Master File record fields: record number, description, size, unit, part number, manufacturer (vendor) ID, source (vendor) part number, unit divisor, weight, inventory count, list price, and retail price for each item. You can update part numbers, source numbers, weight, inventory count, list, actual cost or retail price, and even descriptions (keeping the Rules of Master File in mind) in a spreadsheet and import it back into CFS. You can also use InterOp to export data without the intention of importing it back into CFS. Other uses include populating and updating other applications, like accounting programs or web store databases with inventory items from CFS, or for analyzing your pricing structure by exporting the list price, actual cost, in-yard cost and retail price for all items or groups of items to a spreadsheet format. The ability to import updated information back into CFS is limited to updating existing records. Adding, rearranging, and deleting items should continue to be done within CFS Update Master File in order to preserve the integrity of the scratch builder and parts catalog setups.
Example Imports / Exports:

XML Export

XML Export is a CFS Enterprise Edition function to export the estimate or invoice information created in CFS. With this capability the Scratch Builder, Cash Register, and Miscellaneous Estimator programs have the ability to create a file in XML format from the Reports Menus. This file is open and accessible to any programmer. It contains every bit of information we have about a particular job, all of it in one place and ready to be accessed. This file contains all the relevant data for the job: the customer information, the inventory detail (even for fabricated and assembled items), the cost, selling price, the discount amount (if listed separately), tax amounts, labor, freight, specifications and a job description that includes the total footage and style of fence. Other uses for the XML Export include creating invoices, sales orders, estimates, and/or purchase orders in an accounting program, report sales tax totals, cost of goods sold, or for creating custom reports in other programs.
XML Examples:

Creating Apps

Custom applications can be built by using the data from the XML Export file to extend the functionality of CFS and communicate with other programs. These Apps can be launched within the normal workflow of CFS. We have created three functional open source Apps: XML Reader, Commission Assistant and Inventory Usage. You can use them, open them, study them and modify them anyway you like or you can use them as examples of how to create your own Apps.

CFS-XML Reader App

XML Reader is an App that reads and displays the XML file containing all of the information that CFS has for an estimate or invoice in a user friendly format.

Commission Assistant App

The Commission Assistant App displays the Salesperson, the Job Name, Job Description, Sales Taxes, Labor, the In-Yard Cost and Selling price of materials, payments and balance due for each estimate or invoice submitted. It creates a CSV format file that will automatically open in Excel or can be opened in any spreadsheet program.

Inventory Analyzer App

The Inventory Analyzer App accumulates and combines the inventory counts (including the components for assembled and fabricated items) from submitted jobs and displays them in CSV format. This report can be used to gauge inventory usage for a particular job or multiple jobs over a period of time. It can also be used as a Purchase Order worksheet or it can be exported for use in another application.

Download and Run these Apps Now!

Enterprise apps created with Microsoft VB.NET. To view/edit source code download Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express (free).

Command Line Functionality

We have given InterOp, Update Master File, and Data Miner 'Command Line' capabilities, which can be used to automate a variety of functions like pricing CFS items from another application, tracking inventory, or generating sales tax reports.

Data Miner

While Data Miner is a part of all CFS software, it works well in conjunction with InterOp and XML Export. Data Miner can scan jobs and invoices to mine for information. In addition to many pre-programmed reports (see V9 Upgrade letter), Data Miner produces CSV files with all of the information that has been saved for any range of jobs or invoices produced in CFS. You can then open this data in a spreadsheet and extract and manipulate any portion of this information in any form you would like.


This is a standard CFS program that, among other things, is used for transferring prices into CFS. By using the new Enterprise Edition command line options, a programmer can make updating prices an automated process.

Terms & Conditions

These Enterprise Edition tools export CFS product data that formally was only available in a proprietary CFS format. We have many thousands of hours invested in preparing and maintaining our many fence manufacturer and wholesaler product masters. As a result we need to know that you will use this data only for your own internal purposes. We require a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement with all of our CFS Enterprise Edition Customers.

CFS Enterprise Cost

The cost of the CFS Enterprise Edition is $750.00 per year. This includes annual CFS upgrades (a $495.00 value) making the effective cost of the Enterprise Edition only $255.00 per year. Ongoing free tech support, QwikDraw renewal, new and enhanced programs and access to updated product masters from manufacturers are all included in the cost. The Enterprise Edition requires you to be on the current version of CFS so if you are on an older version you will have to upgrade. If you choose not to renew your Enterprise Edition in the future, the standard CFS functionality will remain but the Enterprise Edition tools will stop working.
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