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What Does CFS Cost?

We sell it two ways. You can buy it outright for $3,900.00, or you can buy it on a monthly payment plan for $750.00 down and $175.00 per month for 24 months.

Why is It so Expensive?

When you look at the big picture, it’s not expensive. Think of what an estimator costs you every month. Then consider that CFS can increase their estimating productivity tenfold. Many of our customers tell us that CFS has paid for itself in a matter of weeks. The reason it costs $3,900.00 is that it is specialty software designed for one relatively small industry. We have sold CFS to 1,600 fence contractors since 1983. That’s an average of 60 new systems per year. How many small businesses do you know that have specialty software written just for them?

What if I Buy It and Don’t Like It?

We sell CFS with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

What about Upgrades?

When you buy CFS outright you get the next upgrade free of charge. Subsequent upgrades are offered to you for sale. We don’t require that you buy them. When you buy CFS on the payment plan you get free upgrades for the life of the contract (typically two). We release a new version once a year. The last several upgrades have cost $495 each.

What about Technical Support?

Our technical support is the best of any software product you have ever experienced. We supply our customers with an extensive manual, PowerPoint demo,audio tutorial (mp3), and telephone support. Our tech support phone lines are open from 8 am until 5 pm Mountain time, Monday through Friday. When you call us, we won’t make you jump through a bunch of number punching hoops only to end up on someone’s voicemail. We have two support lines. If one of those lines is open, someone will answer and immediately begin to help you. We know the fence business and we know our product. It’s a winning combination. Heck, our support is so good that we even pay for the phone call.

What is the Network Version?

The Network Version is for when you have your computers networked together to get multi-user access. It is a one-time $450 charge and can be purchased at any time as long as you are on the current version.

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Use It?

You will feel comfortable with our Scratch Builder estimating programs the first time you use them. CFS was written by fence guys for fence guys. Its simplicity and ease of use are its strongest features.

How Long Does It Take to Get It Setup and Working?

That varies from days to weeks depending upon the amount of changes you need to make. We’ve developed many utilities in the program to make changes easier and we’ll help you on our support line. If you want a turnkey system we can come in and set it up for you, for an extra charge. It typically takes us about a week. Also, a number of customers have come to our office (in beautiful Billings, Montana) for personal training.

What Type of Computer Will I Need to Run This Program?

You will need at least an 800-megahertz computer, with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, 1 GB of free hard disk space, a mouse, and a Windows operating system. Basically, any computer you’ve bought in the last five years should run CFS just fine.

Why Should I Buy This Program?

The question should be: “Can I afford not to buy this program?” I’m sure you’ve heard about how productivity gains are driving our new economy. Well, it’s tools like this that are making those productivity gains happen. There comes a time when you can’t work any harder, then it’s time to begin working smarter.

Why Should We Choose Your Company over Others?

We’ve been developing software for the fence industry since 1981. We’ve had a lot of competitors over the years and typically they’ve lasted a year or two. CFS is still the industry standard. Almost twenty years later; we’re still improving our product; we’re still available for support. Most of the industry leaders use CFS, the question should be: Why would anyone even consider another product?
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