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Cash Register

Cash Register is point-of-sale software that you will use all day long, every business day. Cash Register will create, print and save invoices, deduct from inventory, provide shipping reports, keep track of receivables, alert you to inventory shortages, and support non-inventory item entries.
The CFS’s Cash Register features:
Front End Point of Sale
Generate Invoices
Words hand in hand with Parts Catalog
Barcode Compatible
Customer File Compatible
Produces Emailable PDF documents

CFS’s Cash Register Features

When you enter a quantity and the part, record, or source number, (right out of the handy Parts Catalog or, now, with a bar code reader), Cash Register will access your master file and list the item, unit price, and extended price on the screen and on the invoice.
Naturally, you can also import whole estimates from any of the Scratch Builder programs into Cash Register. Non-stock items, customer information, labor and freight charges, messages, terms, etc. also can be entered.
The output includes a Packing List, with or without a Job Sketch and/or shipping weights, a proposal/contract, and an invoice at retail, at discounted retail, or at a cost-plus percentage of markup. The neat, legible, and professional output will improve the level of communication among your team and between you and your customers. Things always work out best when everyone is on the same page.
Cash Register can also interface with the customer file, increment invoice numbers, save and recall invoices, and print an accounts receivable report.
Cash Register, used in conjunction with Parts Catalog, the Scratch Builder estimating programs, and Inventory Report, makes up a comprehensive estimating and inventory control system.

Cash Register Sample Screenshots

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